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Our main concentration lies within Firewood and Kindling, however we also produce Briquettes, Pellets and Charcoal. After years of working closely with wood fuel products we have realised that having broad portfolio of products is a necessity in order to be the one and only winter fuel long-term supplier for our customers.

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Jack Logs always offers "all you need" customer service by even supplying Mixed containers with 6 different products. Our firewood logs can range from 5cm to 100cm. Jack Logs' main focus is to help you with the winter fuel and to be as flexible as possible. We know that making customer comfortable and happy is where long term relationship starts. As we are long-term forward thinking company it is very important for us.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or enquiries about the products, even if they seem to be very complicated.

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