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Jack Logs is a family owned and managed wood fuel producer and supplier from Latvia.

Product portfolio consists of firewood, kindling, briquettes and pellets. All products produced by Jack Logs are from sustainably managed forests and are FSC certified sources.

We guarantee the highest quality, competitive prices, effective supply chain and fluent communication, that assist our customers to build large scale businesses. Over the years, we have found methods to improve quality, increase efficiency and therefore have distinguished ourselves from other wood fuel producers. Jack Logs is evolving and improving consistently.

To our long term customers we offer storage in Latvia free of charge during summer months (or so called off-season). This allows our costumes to shorten lead time during peak season, cuts their storage costs, ensures that their product is stored in accordance with best practices for wood fuel and allows us to produce goods in greater scale, therefore increases product availability during peak periods.

We build trust with our clients and help them to improve their position in the global wood fuel market.

Jack Logs cares about the environment and pays great attention to the footprint of the products supplied to its customers. Therefore, we are consistently looking for methods to reduce the use of plastic packaging materials.

Tag line:

Trust me with your heat

Mission statement:

We supply, we grow to be the best partner in wood fuel.

Vision statement:

Reliable heat source for everyone with Jack Logs.

Environmental mission statement:

We are dedicated to offer only products that fosters sustainability and renewability. One of our key goals is to follow the circular economy principles through our supply chain and ensure maximized resource efficiency.

Core Values


we always offer our expertise and assist our customers


we answer all questions and promise to build long term trust


we only apply efficient processes that benefit our customers


we want, we research and we execute

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